Late Night Rambling

14 10 2007

It’s late, for me at least. I like to be in bed by 9pm  but I’ve been catching up on weeks of chores and administration that I let slide while business and visiting family (and dog) held high spots on the priority list. It’s been so long since I’ve posted that I was inspired while folding my laundry. (Anything to take a break from that).

Today, as I ran errands, I was faced with a litany of contradictions. I was excited (yes excited) to be purchasing a compact fluorescent light bulb for my reading light. They have smaller bulbs now (maybe you knew that) that can fit smaller lighting devices so I was happy to say goodbye to the last incandescent bulb in my house. The problem? The stupid thing had more packaging than a 40 inch flat screen TV. What’s a well intentioned person to do?

Then I headed on over to Capers to buy some soy votives. Having recently researched the evils of regular candles (see my article in November’s issue of Granville Magazine) I was keen to switch to the lavender scented natural candles that I had seen there the other week. Oh the packaging sang to me – all natural, burns longer, no petroleum. But wait…..was that a plastic container for the votive??? It didn’t make sense to tout the benefits of a petroleum free product and then case the damn thing in plastic.

Bag-less (because I stupidly forgot mine) I was now walking down the street balancing a handful of things when I was sucked into a clothing store (I was powerless, I swear). I have recently begun working with a great client that involves some corporate attire (god help me) and my closet filled with Oqoqo and jeans just wasn’t cutting it. I guiltily purchased some non-natural fabric shirts and one wool one (to ease the guilt) and realized that….horror of all horrors….I would need a bag!!! A freakin plastic bag!!!

I’m usually so anal about plastic bags taking care to shoot evil (but subtle) glances to those in front of me at the super market who ask for a bag for their smarties as I hold my hemp bag at eye level. But this time I was that person!

In that instant I became the soy votive cased in plastic and the compact fluorescent in too much packaging and as I sheepishly tucked the bag under my arm (I was too embarrassed to carry it and somehow thought it might fit nicely into the fold of my armpit) I realized that we are all filled with good intentions and sometimes, even doing the best that we can do in the moment, isn’t always going to be the best ever and that is life.

Years ago there was no such thing as the soy candle or the commercial compact fluorescent and tomorrow we will see better casing and less packaging and an outright ban on plastic bags. Stay positive, passionate and empowered to make and lobby for change. We’re not there yet – but there’s good evidence that we’re trying and that’s a good thing.




One response

27 01 2008

I love this blog entry, so honest and earnest, it is heartening to know we are all human, and we can only do our best at any given moment. Sometimes we must compromise in order to function, but yeah, at least take credit for the efforts you do make!!!

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