Live Earth Pledge

5 07 2007


Unless you’ve been hiding out in the wilderness with no ability to communicate (sounds nice really) then you know about Al Gore’s Live Earth Concert happening this Saturday. With 8 major citites participating and 1000s of ‘Friends of Live Earth’ events taking place, the production will bring together millions around the world, uniting with one common goal – let’s save our planet already.

I love the level of awareness that this will continue to bring to the issue of global warming, I just sincerely hope that all festival and concert goers remember to act in a way that is mindful of the environment. As an event planner I have seen so much waste generated at events and even with the best of intentions, gatherings of this scale are bound to have some shortfalls.

So please – if you are going to an event on 07/07/07, think carefully about the transportation you choose to get there, the purchases that you make and what you leave behind. (If you are going to be in Vancouver, check out the Friend’s of Live Earth Global Habitat Festival at Robson Square.) And if you aren’t participating in any Live Earth events perhaps take 07/07/07 as an opportunity to be aware of your actions and their bearing on the environment.

For further action, take the Live Earth pledge and share it with everybody you know.




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