Bring Back the Bill, Steve.

15 05 2007


Last October when the Federal Government introduced Bill C-30 addressing climate change, it was largely seen as inadequate and lacking any real action. On the advice of Jack Layton, the PM allowed the bill to be re-written by a newly created legislative committee which rose to the challenge creating a set of new recommendations. These recommendations include ‘absolute caps on greenhouse gas emissions’ to Kyoto levels as well as tough regulations around vehicle fuel consumption bench-marked by international best practices.

The bill now sits on the table waiting for the Conservative government to bring it back to the house for a vote. If they don’t the bill will die and Canada will continue to lag behind the rest of the world in environmental action, innovation and leadership.

Voters Taking Action on Climate Change (VTACC) has created a post card campaign to send a message to the Conservative Government that Canadians want to see this bill brought before the house for a vote quickly. Click here for more information on the campaign and how to participate and send a message to Steve letting him know how you feel about his inaction.




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