Brush Your Teeth With……Yogurt?!

14 05 2007

toothbrush.jpgMy toothbrush begged for me to put it out of it’s misery the other day so I found myself contemplating the waste that would present itself by tossing out that tired, electric pink, piece of plastic. That thinking took me to my local organic retailer, Capers, where I found a toothbrush by Recycline made from 100% recycled plastics derived from Stonyfield farm yogurt containers. The sleek design was developed by dentists and engineers and the minute I used it I felt transformed and rejuvinated! OK, maybe not that good but there’s absolutely no difference in brushing my teeth and the price is right on par with drugstore brands.  A bonus – the case that it comes in is made from a hard plastic and doubles as a travel case. The best part of the kit is that both case and brush consider their life cycles. If you go to Recycline’s website you can download a pre-paid postage PDF that you can affix to an envelope to send your case and brush back for further recycling into plastic lumber products like park benches. So the next time you’re sitting in a park enjoying the view don’t be surprised if you feel a smile coming on!!




4 responses

17 05 2007

Sweet! I bought one of those for Giles and am grabbing one for myself when it’s “time to switch”.

22 06 2007
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[…] you know you can brush your teeth with yogurt? no score       link    spread 1:22 pm by Emily […]

25 06 2007

i just bought one! looks quite snazzy. =)

2 08 2007

Been using Recycline for some years now and love it! I went to a recycling conference and saw the booth and was hooked! Great blog!

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