Rave/Rant – Laundry

10 05 2007

laundry1.jpgI’m looking at my big pile of laundry and I’m wishing I had a big pile of laundry quarters because I love, love, love my Seventh Generation laundry soap. It’s scented with Lavender. Lavender people! It’s relaxing, it’s soothing, it’s all natural and it sure beats the hell out of sniffing tide (which makes my eyes burn and my skin itch). Are there any people out there using non-biodegradeable laundry soap? Because I’m just not getting why. And as Marnie pointed out in one of her comments, Capers is having a sale on eco-products so you have no excuses. (Other than you just didn’t know which I’ll let you get away with. )But now you know so you will only buy biodegradeable laundry detergent. And don’t get me started on all natural cleaners b/c it’s way past my bedtime. Until next time……sleep tight.




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10 05 2007

Hey – congratulations on the blog! Re: your laundry rant, where I live in South America clothes dryers are virtually non-existant and most people have to do all their washing by hand. While the washing machine is indeed a better invention than sliced bread, now that summer is here, why not cut down on your energy consumption and dry your biodegradably clean clothes outside or even inside? Clothes dryers consume the second largest amount of energy of all home appliances (see http://www.worldwise.com/clothesdryers.html). If you’re using coin-operated machines you can save those quarters (or is it loonies now?) for your soy chai lattes or your favourite green organisation. Indoor drying racks are cheap, easy to store, and work really well next to heaters or by windows. I recently bought a neat contraption for my apartment – it’s a retractable, 5-line, indoor clothes line that I have installed above my laundry area. Works really well and is less harsh on your clothes too.

10 05 2007

Good call Louise. Drying can also break down fibres in your clothes and prevent them from lasting longer so you can help the environment AND your wardrobe!

2 08 2007

Don’t forget that in Vancouver we have soft water. Which means that you only have to use HALF the amount of detergent to get your clothes just as clean! Check out this site for more info! http://www.gvrd.bc.ca/sewerage/residential_sources.htm#Surfactant

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