Green Your Daily Fix Already!

9 05 2007

I stopped drinking coffee about 3 months ago (no shakes or headaches so I know it was meant to be). But that actually put more pressure on my pocketbook since I went from $1.50 coffees to $5 soy, chai lattes. I’ve tried to limit myself to weekends but at the rate I’m going, every day is Saturday. Suffice to say I spend a lot of time at Starbucks and I noticed a really cool little item for sale. It’s a reusable mug (seriously – it’s time to stop throwing out your paper cups people) that allows you to customize the pattern. There’s a template inside the casing of the mug that you remove and then you can add your own personal design to it. I know mine will have every picture of my dog available all over it. Anway – it’s a great way to not only kick your useless paper cup habit but by personalizing it you’ll just be that much more attached.




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10 05 2007

Hey Em!

Just another reason to buy a reuseable mug…

When you go to Starbucks to pay for your drink, give them your “grande” mug and ask for a tall. Most of the time they will fill it right to the top and it is cheaper!! Worst case…you get a tall! Also, hot chocolate is cheaper than chai and equally as yummy (although likely not as healthy!) Great blog!


10 05 2007

I just learned the old tall turns into grande trick myself – nice tip Giles. I thought I was the only one who knew how to outsmart the system but that is one of the benefits of owning your own mug!!

Hope the island life is treating you well!!

19 02 2008
Harriet Thomas

just wondering… WHY STARBUCKS??!!
there must be an independent (neighbour owned) coffee house in your community.

keep the faith!

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