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15 04 2007

Treat your butt to post-comsumer recycled toilet paper or you won’t have a forest to relax your butt in.Thanks for stopping by to check out my blog. There was a time that I would have laughed hysterically at the thought of typing that first sentence, simply because I am so computer illeterate, but thanks to the patience of some friends I’m slowly figuring it all out. I’m here because I own a sustainable event planning company in Vancouver, BC called Greenprint events  and I’m constantly learning new ways to green my lifestyle and those of my clients. I thought this spot would be a great place for me to share those tips and tricks around green planning and lifestyle choices and to learn about what everyone else is up to.

I’m going to keep this post simple with my first tip because simplicity is the easiest way to operate our lives without stress and the last thing that I want to do is stress anyone out (let alone me – my dog doesn’t respond well to it!). Consider this fact that Greenpeace Canada provided; “If each household in Canada replaced 1 roll of toilet paper cut from ancient forests with 1 roll of recycled toilet paper, we could save 47,962 trees in a year. Imagine how many trees would be saved if every tissue product Canadians purchased was made from recycled paper.”

 So people, use post-consumer recycled paper for your butt or you won’t have a place to relax your butt in anymore.




2 responses

9 05 2007

Great point Em!
I think the most limiting factor to people buying recycled toilet paper is the high price – but the large packs of 7th Generation are on sale at Capers right now!! … i’m such a nerd 😉

10 05 2007

So true Marn, but you can’t skirt the issue when there is a sale. And who doesn’t love a good sale!!! I think you said that body care products are on sale too. Let’s go shopping!

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